Terms & Conditions

· Referred Practice – A referred practice is only classed as such when the Practice is not currently part of a paid DCME subscription. Or previously been a member of DCME.

· Qualified Referral – A Qualified Referral will only count once the referred Practice signs up to a 12 month contract to any of the three monthly packages with DCME.

· Valid referral – A valid referral must come in the form of a completed website form – link

· 2 Free Subscription months – will be awarded in the form of 2 monthly direct debits at zero fee, within 60 days of the Referred Practice signing their contract.

· There is no limit to the number of practices you can recommend to us. Each will receive 2 months free subscription.

· If a practice is referred to DCME more than once, then the first referral received via the website referral form will be deemed the referrer.

· Referral leads will expire within 6 months of the original referral form being submitted.

· DCME cannot be held responsible for any lost referral form data during submission.

· DCME reserve the right to withdraw the offer or change any of the terms and conditions without notice at any point

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If you have an enquiry about the compliance services we can offer to your practice, please get in touch. A compliance advisory will arrange a consultation with with you and talk through your needs.


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